Masterclass Dr. Damir del Monte: corona and the psyche

Masterclass Dr. Damir del Monte: the effect of corona on the psyche

We ask special attention for Dr. Damir del Monte.
He did a lot of research during the pandemic and also published information in the framework of Covid-19.
How does this affect the brain and what is its influence on the psyche? These topics will be the focus of the 2 day master class.

  • Date: 18 & 19  December 2021
  • Costs: € 575,-.
  • Location:: Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam
  • Language Engels

Cancellations can be made up to 2 months before the start of the training, otherwise costs will be charged. See also our general terms and conditions of delivery.

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Masterclass Dr. Damir del Monte 18/19 december 2021

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