Marie- José Boon

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  • International Trainer
  • Supervisor, mental and performance coach
  • Manager & organisation consultant
  • Brainspot practitioner & Brainspot trainer

When she was a young girl, her mother took Marie-José Boon around the world to introduce her to different, particularly non-Western cultures. This sparked her lifelong interest in other languages and cultures. In addition to her talent to learn various languages fast, this is the time that she also started to understand the need to communicate and the need for coordination in/with this communication, taking the traditions, cultures and codes of others into account. She became interested in Buddhism, a world view that would from then on run through her life and work as a central theme, the basic principles being:

  • development: every person has his own task;
  • every person likes to be inspired: that is, with his own talents and qualities;
  • every person needs love and wants to be accepted.

Marie-José is particularly interested in the issue of how every person can find maximum development on the basis of his/her talents and how any obstructions can be removed.

Marie-José studied languages at Amsterdam University and then focused on the fields of expression and communication. Her career as a trainer started in the nineteen nineties, when she developed and executed HRD processes at various organisations. She also worked as a team leader at a secure unit of a forensic hospital, as a manager at a commercial reintegration company for mediation of long-term unemployed people and as training manager at an airline company. She gained a wealth of experience about profit and non-profit organisations and soon started to build up an extensive repertoire in the fields of organisation, consultancy, psychiatry and their coherence.

With this considerable background as senior official, manager and supervisor, Marie-José developed her own vision and she started to specialise her own practice in the fields of coaching and other forms of support, focusing on the quality of life, a better performance and dealing with shocking events in life. Result was always the target, but she never lost sight of the therapeutic aspect: a combination of hard and soft, one that is very effective for organisations and groups, but also among individuals, both children and adults.

After 2011, she studied at David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, and assisted him at international training courses, also hosting her own Brainspotting training sessions in various countries. She introduced Brainspotting in the Netherlands and Belgium and now works as a brainspotting supervisor and practitioner around the world.
Her coaching focuses on performance and quality of life; Brainspotting offers her the opportunity to add depth to that.

Her interest in Brainspotting was aroused when it emerged that clients sometimes continue to struggle with the same issues that hamper them in their daily lives and jobs. Brainspotting offers the possibility of reaching those areas in the brains which we normally cannot influence with cognition. This makes Brainspotting a highly effective method in resolving and dealing with persistent blocks and traumas in a person's life.

Brainspotting is a neurobiological method based on facts and the self-healing capacities of the human body. In addition to the physical and philosophical side of Brainspotting, the basic principles about fundamental attitude, communication and attitude to life are perfectly in line with Marie-José's repertoire.

Her portfolio as brainspot practitioner and coach comprises commercial, government-related and individual clients. She also works with athletes, performers and other artists.